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wpCache® is per eccezione high-accertamento, distributed object, caching system application, generic a fine di nature, but intended for use a fine di speeding up dynamic web applications, by decreasing database load time.

wpCache® decreases dramatically the page and the patronato istituto load time of any dynamic (php) website. Thus achieves the best possible use of server resources, to which the site is located, yielding faster page load times for users and better resource utilization. It is per eccezione simple yet powerful application.

wpCache® improves the user experience of your site by improving your server accertamento, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery (CDN) integration.

The cache is often the most critical piece of software for per eccezione web-based business. wpCache® is per eccezione powerful HTTP engine/reverse HTTP proxy that can speed up per eccezione website by up to 1000 percent by doing exactly what its name implies: caching ( storing) per eccezione copy of per eccezione webpage the first time per eccezione user visits. wpCache® visits your server once to cache the page, then all future requests for the same page will be served by wpCache®. This means lightning-fast content delivery and fewer backend server resource requirements. wpCache® ensures per eccezione reduction a fine di backend server load by up to 89 percent while handling an unlimited number of simultaneous visitors.

  • Speed and accertamento are the heart of wpCache®
  • Savings a fine di server infrastructure
  • Scalability – anzi che no matter the number of visitors requests, wpCache® helps your site tenzone the demand
  • Protection against outages—if your server fails, wpCache® continues to serve cached content
    Improved end-user experience
  • Features
    • Nginx Support
    • Apache Support
    • CDN Support
    • Minify HTML virtual
    • Minify inline CSS virtual
    • Minify inline JavaScript virtual
    • Dynamic inline-JS cache acceso the fly
    • Cache will vettura update acceso change
    • Minimize payload size
    • JavaScript safe compression
    • Protection For pre-tags
    • No Coding Knowledge Required
    • No Modification Of Any Type Required
    • Easy To Use
    • Ready to use WordPress
    • Improve Site Loading Time
    • Improve SEO
    • Debug acceso the fly
    • Refer back to your original source code by disabling it
    • GZIP Compression Module
    • Encoder HTTP Module
    Compatible with:
    • WordPress
    • BuddyPress
    • bbPress
    • Jigoshop
    • Woocommerce

    5 WordPress Caching Plugins Compared


== v1.5 (01.09.2017) ============
* Added: New Dashboard Theme Style
* Improved: NGINX+ HTTP, TCP, and UDP Load Balancing with NGINX Plus
* Improved: PHP 7.0.22
* Fixed: PHP 7.0.21
* Fixed: Minor bugs

== v1.4 (24.07.2017) ============
* Added: NGINX+ HTTP, TCP, and UDP Load Balancing with NGINX Plus
* Improved: PHP ZEND Framework - Z-Ray
* Fixed: PHP 7.0.21

== v1.3 (11.06.2017) ============
* Added: PHP 7
* Fixed: PHP ZEND Framework
* Fixed: PHP 7.0.x

== v1.2 (20.05.2017) ============
* Added: Login Access 
* Improved: CDN Settings
* Fixed: PHP ZEND Framework
* Fixed: Minor bugs

== v1.1 (22.04.2017) ============
* Added: ZEND Framework
* Added: CDN Settings
* Added: Verify Domain
* Added: Install .htaccess
* Improved: Industrial design Dashboard
* Improved: ZEND Framework
* Fixed: PHP 7.0.x
* Fixed: Minor bugs

== v1.0 (28.03.2017) ============
* initial Release

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